Text your donation to Haiti
By Psychic Melody
Published on 01/15/2010
I work for a Wireless Factory, I took this job for less pay and greater reward. Yesterday i worked with the Salvation Army to set up the ability for donors to text the word HAITI to 52000 and donate $10.00 on their cell phone bill.

Wireless Factory has a program we call mDonation.  This allows only approved non profit organizations to be set up with all of the cell phone carriers and a mobile clearing house (bonded) in order to receive donations via cell phone text message.  In a tragic situation where the people of Haiti need money right away, text donations is very effective.  It allows people to donate instantly, without digging through their wallets, bank accounts or credit cards to make a donation.  Everyone, even in this economy can tack on $10.00 to their cell phone bill for a good cause.  The response is amazing.  I have been working with this mDonation application for 6 months and it has renewed my faith in humanity's ability to give.  God Bless America!  So please...text the word HAITI to 52000.  You'll never feel the pain of giving $10.00...but someone will feel the joy and relief of receiving it.