Are you sleep walking through life?
By Alethia Hallador
Published on 11/21/2009
Is everything passing event just a blur? The problem is, so much of your attention is diverted from the here and now, to the dialogue and pictures in your mind.

Is everything passing event just a blur?  The problem is, so much of your attention is diverted from the here and now, to the dialogue and pictures in your mind. 

The thoughts and images play out on the screen of your mind all day long.  It goes on by itself so you think it's normal.  Just because it seems normal, doesn't mean it's healthy.  You don't control your thoughts because you can't stop them.  Your thoughts are controlling you.  Your thoughts are controlling your life!

If you wonder why your life isn't turning out the way you want it to be, it's because your thoughts are running the show.  It appears that you are in control of your life because your body goes from point A to point B.  How many times have you driven home from work, only to forget the process of getting there?

Driving your car home has become so habitual that YOU don't even need to drive the car.  It's just a habit.  What else in your life is just a habit?  How much of your day is so routine that you don't even remember it?  Where are YOU?

YOU are not present.  Your body is moving but all your attention is on the content of your mind.  That content is negative, repetitive, and redundant.  Naturally then, your life seems negative, repetitive, and redundant when your attention is on what your thoughts are babbling on about.

When you dream, all of your attention is in your mind, and you think it's real.  When you are 'awake', most of your attention is still in your mind, so you're practically sleepwalking.

To change your life, you must first become conscious of what you are doing.  You must be present in the now to be able to make changes.  If not, you are run by your habits and programming.  These programs are stoping you from having the life you want. 

Start to place your attention on the here and now.  This is always where YOU really are.  When you drive home, take a different route so you pay more attention.  Look around.  Notice the trees, flowers, clouds, music, and stores you didn't know were there.  Notice the vibration of the car, your breath, and your heart beating.  The whole day, pay attention to what you are doing NOW.

Practice using your attention to consciously look at what YOU choose to see.  Right now you see the pictures in your mind.  Hear what YOU choose to hear, instead of the voice in your head.

Wake up from your dream-like state.  By perceiving consciously, you will stop acting so robotically.  When YOU are present, you can begin to see how your programming controls your life.  Keep bringing the real you, your consciousness and attention, back to this moment.  This will change your reality.  It will change how and what you see in your reality, without really changing anything.  It is only an adjustment in perception.  You can only make real changes in your life when YOU are present here and now, as consciousness.  Wake up!