A Blog About Change!
By Scrolling Thoughts
Published on 11/19/2009
I am currently Soul Searching. I feel at home here for the first time in an online community .


I am currently Soul Searching. I began my journey last August 2008, when I set out at a new job, in a new city to try to apply myself to what I always felt was inside, helping others.  I do not believe that we live in a just world and I have struggled with this through my life, even though that life is young.  I wanted to move away from the rural country I will always cherish and begin to build community for those that don't have the time to invest, for those that are trying to make it through another day. I began working in my new community, truly getting to know the people, their struggle, and their delight.  I spent a wonderful year making new friendships and defining myself, which I believe will carry me on through the rest of my life. I was on a great high and felt that for once I finally knew what I was supposed to do for at least this point in my life. Now, I feel as though I am about half way through my journey, but you never really know and I have hit a road bump, as we often do, and I am struggling to continue on my path.  My job was only a contract for 10 mos and I wasn't accepted for another year because of funding.  I struggled to find work and have landed in an unfulfilling position, where I have way too much time one my hands.  The past 1.5 mos have left me feeling quite insecure and angry that after proving myself for a year, I have been cast aside once again.  While my youth provides me with the confidence to conquer the world, I still believe that I have a lot to give and find myself stuck in a job where I am under appreciated.  Struggling to express my thoughts, I have been led to Blog4Change! I have always found poetry as a source of comfort, but have found little inspiration in the last few years and I hope that blogging with provide me the opportunity to express myself, even if no one is listening.  But also, in a time of social networking, I hope this site will provide lots of inspiration and opportunity to appreciate others, which in turn will come back to me.  I am a great believer in karma.  Overall, by briefly scanning this site and current bloggers, I feel at home here for the first time in an online community and I hope that I will be able to express my discomfort through writing and continue to find strength to further pursue my life goals.  I am eager to be apart of change and offer my thoughts from and for my community.  I look forward to reading others ideas and hope to gain valuable insight for the future. 

Hello Blog4Change!