Parenting Never Ends
By Robird's Words
Published on 11/18/2009
A friend told me once, " You are only as happy as your least happiest child."

Finding your passion in life for some is easy and for others it is a life long search. For me raising my children was one of the most life giving and rewarding experiences I could ever have had. Of course, along with all the joys there were also times of great sorrow. Looking back I wish I would have had some of the wisdom that I have now. A friend once told me that you are only as happy as your least happiest child. This really rang true for me. Some how I developed the idea that in order to be a good and caring parent you needed to take on and feel every feeling your child was going through. I would lay in bed at night running through all of the problems and struggles that each of them were going through. I can tell you it never felt good. Why didn't I realize that that was probably a sign that what I was doing wasn't good? I have come to understand that all of our thoughts are out there in the world and also that those that love us and are closest to us can pick up what we are thinking or in my case worrying about. If you want to do your children some good then think about how great they are, how successful they will be and how much they are loved. Only good can come to them from this way of thinking. We are all connected and they can detect our worries, our greatest fears and we can project our issues onto them. So instead of worrying about what bad things could happen spend your time creating a good outcome. Think about their strengths, what you have taught them and know that they are equipped to handle everything that they encounter. Remember your struggles that you survived and became stronger because of them. Some of the most important parenting you can do is after your child has left the home. Continue to be positive, supportive and trust in their ability to be successful. They will feel this energy and will not be able to help but fulfill your expectations for them.