What You Believe, You Receive...
By Smiling Heart
Published on 11/15/2009
Our beliefs mould us as individuals and determine how we live our lives. They must challenge us to experience more in our lives and encourage us to live our potential.

Beliefs mould us as individuals and determine how we live our lives; from which religion we follow to the choices we make every single day. They are extremely powerful. Some people live their lives believing they are not good enough, smart enough, passionate enough, or attractive enough to experience the great things in life. They believe that their opinions, goals, or values are not important. If we have the power to create such negative beliefs and feelings of depression, self-hate, insecurity, and anxiety; then we must have the power to create feelings of joy, self-respect, confidence, and stability. We cannot create success without the absolute belief in ourselves that we can handle anything that comes our way and achieve anything we put our minds to. Everything we need to create in our lives lies inside of us. The confidence is there, the intelligence is there; all you need to do is find it, and show it to the world. A belief is a sense of certainty about something, or when we accept something as true. Beliefs lie hidden in our subconscious minds; created through our experiences, what we are taught by our parents, teachers, friends, and even through what we see in the media. Many of our beliefs are also created through defining moments in our lives. Once our beliefs are created, they are difficult to waver. Even if our beliefs are limiting and disempowering, we will still hunt for whatever information we can find to confirm them. Any contradictory evidence is ignored, deleted, or altered in some way in order to support the belief. Think of it this way. The experiences we have as children form a concrete foundation. As we get older, we create certain beliefs based on these eperiences; and we lay these beliefs on the foundation like bricks. Through time, we continue to form beliefs and build on this foundation. By the time we reach adulthood, we have surrounded ourselves with brick walls, each brick representing a belief. We cannot see past these walls until we break through them. Only when we have the strength to question and challenge our own beliefs can we begin to let the light through. We can excavate the old bricks (disempowering beliefs) and replace them with windows or doors (new empowering beliefs). We can renovate ourselves! As soon as we are aware of our beliefs, we can make a conscious commitment to change them for the better. Our beliefs must empower us and steer us towards achieving our goals. They must be in alignment with who we are and who we are striving to be. Beliefs must challenge us to experience more in our lives and encourage us to live our potential. Do your beliefs do all this?