Why didn't I Think of That?
By Lv Jack
Published on 11/8/2009
Do you ever feel silly, foolish, embarassed or guilty because you passed up a chance to help someone?

One of my residents at the apartment complex that I manage came into the office the other day and asked if he could put a food collection box in the office to donate to the local foodbank. I said "absolutely!", then I felt silly that I had not thought of it first.

I live in a community of twenty thousand people. The food bank is only open 2 hours per week. Each week they run out of food and actually have to turn people away with nothing to give them. Now that's sad.

The box we put in the office is nearly full after about 4 days. Hopefully this will help a few more families each week. I don't plan on ending this project soon.

As far as feeling silly or guilty, I think we need to forgive ourselves and move on. Just the fact that we had those feelings probable means we are good people with good intentions. Sometimes our own lives get a little complicated and yes we do temporarily forget about others.