Humbled for my Mission
By Lv Jack
Published on 11/1/2009
I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. In order for me to be the giving person that I have become, it was necessary for me to be humbled first.

I had received my last paycheck on May 15th of this year after working for 30 plus years without any gaps in employment. During a good part of that 30 years I had squandered away my money on enjoyment. Then, all of a sudden, I had no source of income. My life was turned upside down. For several months I was unable to find employment. The financial burden was almost unbearable. I sold everything of value, and my home became nearly vacant. I gave up my cell phone and television. I lost my online stores. Long story - short, I was humbled to the max.

During this time I learned about giving and charity. I learned because I was the recipient of this charity. I discovered a whole new group of human beings that give for the sake of giving. It was my church that helped me through 5 months of extremely tough times, supporting me spiritually and financially. I really don't know how I would have survived without those good people.

I really don't think it's ironic that now, I am in a job position where I am able to help people almost every day. I am a residential property manager. Many of my residents are suffering because of these tough economic times. They have also lost their jobs for the first time in their lives. My property has a storage room full of items left behind by former residents. There are coffee makers, linens, pots and pans, canned food items. As a matter of fact you name it - we have it.

In the past thirty days since I started this new job I have put countless smiles on many sad faces.

My smile is as big as anyones. Isn't it great to give!