About Personalities
By Old Soul
Published on 01/25/2013
That’s just their Personality

Personalitys......  yes   we do all have our own . ......   As far back as i can remember....  especially when my mother was alive....   Bless her soul....    If and when i complained about  someone  that either irritated  me   or  acted   intentionally  ignorant..  to me...   and i would talk to mom about it... Mom would always say  *That’s   just their Personality*
  I see now    ... now i understand  it all  Mom.... Yes ... It will be three years*on Feburary   1    st*  that our Mother has passed away  .
  This Blog is  for My Mothers ....... 
 Well    that really means   that we should *forgive    them *     Mom was a very  Positive   person...  She always found  something good in everyone ...     no matter who it was....and what they did..
   Even articles have personalities  ...     I remember   going to visit my grandpa..  years and years ago.... and in the summer  when he would be outside.... he was always   working... as he loved to   build.
 I remember  that Big old wheel   that he used to sharpen saws.... and for some reason   i loved watching him turn that wheel ..   something about it caught my interest.  That was grandpa’s work of love in progress...  Building some beautiful old fashioned   cupboards    and other things for grandma. 
   That wheel had a personality    as far as i was concerned...Some things always stay the same ..... But   hey... so do some people....
 while   other    Change  change through the years   ,,    either for the good, or the bad ,... In some cases  that’s   a sad thing...
  But as they say    *The  things    that you can not  change*   Just accept them as they are,,, *Heaven Forbid*  in some cases   
 But as life goes on....We are Thankful  or..* at least  we should be *  for whatever    we have and  for all the different  *Personalities   *  that we have met and will meet in this life   ....   who make up.. a Beautiful interesting .* Garden Of Life  *   ...