2013 off to a very rocky start
By John Kitsco
Published on 01/22/2013
Even with Obama taking the reins of the U.S. economy for a few more years, the year 2013 is off to a very uncertain and rocky start...

Maybe we all, each and everyone of us, need to adjust our lifestyle and even budget for uncertainty because it seems the new year is off to a rocky start, with the knowledge its going to take a few years - even if a pipeline goes ahead, to reap the benefits, there appears to be the start (of what could be) a war in the Arabic part of the world, we still have North Korea on shaky ground and the economies of the world are all shaking their heads from the previous year. Not to forget problems in Europe. Even established folks like Oprah Winfrey are having some doubts and problems with business. Could that be the reason why folks are paying between $160 and $300 for a seat to listen to more self-help advice? Well, tough economy or not, the ticket sales are brisk and thousands pay to listen and hope to gain an insight of their future life...or at least escape from their own problems for an hour or it seems the various motivational speakers who travel about are doing well. People are looking for hope!! And anyone offering hope, whether it be the President or your Sunday tele-evangelist, there is a line-up of listeners.... Our world could be heading towards extinction unless there is more attention given to not only global financial problems but to the environment. Who is even taking the time to care for the environment? The threat of global climate change is shouting for attention!! But the powers that be are more concerned with carbon capture and storage even though some of this technology is known to often have problems of its own. Even the cry from Greenpeace is not enough anymore. Pipelines will be built and rupture, trains will continue to derail and ships that carry fuel and other goods will have a spill from time to time, but all that is being overlooked by the need to address demands from China and India -as their demands double and soon where are we going...are we paying attention to the cry from our native brothers to more closely examine and re-examine the risk factor to the environment? Progress itself without consideration for the outcome is not progress at all, but simply a slow and painful road of no return. And we can only hope and pray that already, its not too late... Its up to us folks, up to you and I to write letters to those that need to be written to, to gather information about our precious world and precious environment and try to understand why any economy that is driven strictly by the need to destroy anything and everything in its path can be trusted? Perhaps the real reason for getting ready to re-position a part of the world on Planet Mars is an indicator in itself that instability on planet Earth can only go so far.....before we are finished, and I mean finished.... So if you have not, better start praying early this year because that might be all we have left, a prayer and a song...