By John Kitsco
Published on 01/16/2013
Have you ever asked yourself that question? Its a good question and looking in the mirror asking that question demands some answers.....

Who are you? Do you know that person looking back at you in the mirror? Do you like that person?
Do you suppose that person could use some change
in his/her life? Is that the person you would totally trust if you were a friend of that person? My oh my!
What are we going to do with you?  Perhaps the real answer is in just knowing that the image we see in the mirror is the one we have to live with our entire life. Sure you can change the hair, apply a little make-up, put on glasses, grow a beard, a whole lotta stuff can be done to totally change who we see as ourselves. But in the end, the real person is not in the mirror at all, but deep within our very being, our very soul. That is the one we need to be looking for. Accountable. Responsible. Reliable. And the list continues. Or the opposite of that.
After all, as they say, life is what we make of it. And that person in the mirror should know exactly where he or she is going, what he or she is doing. But sometimes we fail. Everyone of us. We fail. Let our loved ones  down. Let our friends down and worst of all, let ourselves down.Spiritually bankrupt, sinful, mean, not a nice person. Or perhaps a nice person, attends church, kind, and
the kind of person you would like as a friend, Hmm.. Now thats a challenge. Where to go from nice, where to go from bad. Move to the left, move to the right, take a chance, or just not a risk-taker. Its all about deciding who we really are, what we really want and what we really need. Quite a difference between want and need. But its the person in the mirror. Us. You. Me. And hey, maybe not such a bad person after all, fixable, changeable,
and most important, agreeable to change. Because like it or not, thats what is going to happen to us, whether we do nothing or do a bunch of stuff - we are going to change, get older, thinner or fatter. Happy  or sad. We are who we are but we need to know who we are and where we can go from here.
Thats it. Know where we can go, from here....

Ok, its your turn. Whats the plan man? Are you going to make this the first day of the rest of your life and the best day, or will you settle for same-old, set in your ways kind of atitude.  Hmmm. Guess its really up to you!!!

Just remember, each day is a new beginning. And just maybe...yes just maybe, this is your start again...