By John Kitsco
Published on 01/14/2013
Just as there are some exciting things happening for the music industry and for many just starting out, then there are some of those familiar faces appearing to fall by the wayside. Whats going on?

It was great to get some email the other day from Miles Jackson. Miles told me he would like to do a musical version of my latest composition called HEY COWBOY.  And thats got me excited, If I were to sing that on YouTube - I might get laughed off this planet we call Earth. Well, not that my singing is that bad, its just not that good. I know that. But see, thats the way it is for a lot of us songwriters in the music business. We think we write great songs, but ask us about performing and we go and hide, because that is just not our schtick...just not us...!!  Miles, by the way, is the owner-chief bottle washer and cook, at Ma-Me-O
Music up here in Canada. Respected and not only
a music producer, but he sings and plays, As for Miles (currently in Mexico) life is good, down on the beach, doing what he likes to do. Jingles, albums, commercials, fun things, and his business is respected and rock solid. For others in Nashville,
I hear some doors are closing, some guys in the music business looking for other work, closing the doors. Thats the ups and downs of music.

I remember having a little conversation with David Clayton Thomas, lead singer with Blood, Sweat & Tears. Dave was playing a gig at the Klondike Days Fair. That was a number of years ago. I remember he commented that it seemed tough for young folks in Edmonton to get excited about music. Well, golly, that has all changed. The internet, small home style recording studios and an openness towards a variety of genre has made it possible to become almost an overnight success for some. For others, like Canadian Nelly Furtado - the boom has become a bust, many venues cancelling concerts. Tickets just not getting sold.  For older rockers like Bobby Curtola, Ronnie Hawkins (the Hawk!) it seems that age and different style of music has moved them down the ladder, not quite forgotten...
And so many of the good respected musicians have
noticed they are playing to a much smaller audience
even home birthday parties. Hard to believe this is the way it goes, but remember -its not all bad - if you are having fun. Take it too serious and you are just asking for your ticker to stop ticking. And we all know, thats not good.

So play on, find your fans and try to keep them, even if they are a very small number. Those are not only fans, but friends, the faithful followers who appreciate you for who you are and realize that you might not play in front of thousands, but those who surround you - put a smile on your face....

And last of all, remember that the music business is not the "be all and end all" - there are lots of other opportunities out there....

Oh, and by the way - if Miles Jackson gets my tune called HEY COWBOY on Youtube - ah, you will be the first to know!!!  And if your music is not an overnight success - you know what - you can always be a "legend" in "your own mind" how about that!!?? 

Just me, having fun in snowy Canada.....