By John Kitsco
Published on 01/1/2013
Bob Ruzicka,Canadian Singer Songwriter started off in the little town of Thorsby, Alberta, moved to Edmonton, and went on to write songs for Anne Murray, Valdy and many others....

My brother Ted tells me he once taught Bob Ruzicka a few chords on guitar.  Well, those few chords and a fine talent as a singer-songwriter took Bob Ruzicka from the small Town of Thorsby in
Alberta all the way to Nashville.

Known as the singing dentist, even the owner of the
Transit Hotel in Edmonton for a short while, Bob eventually moved to the west coast and retired from both dentistry and singing.

But what a fabulous career he had in music, working with the likes of George Hamilton 1V,
Anne Murray, Valdy, Tommy Hunter and many others. And thanks to the internet and especially YouTube, you can still listen to Bob doing some of his great tunes - such as WHAT THE WORLDS ALL ABOUT, recorded in Nashville in 1972,
COLD HANDS WARM HEART, even having Judy Collins perform her version of his song DOWN AND LOSING, and Valdy went on to record two songs written by Bob Ruzicka - DIRTY OLD MAN and the song that probably made Valdy famous -

Like so much good music, many songs written by the multi talented Bob Ruzicka are neglected and in my opinion it is some of this great music that needs to be given exposure once again - when you consider some of the poor quality music we seem destined to listen to these days.

Hoping you are happily retired Bob and enjoying the memories of the wonderful music you once created.  Rest assured, your songs shall not be forgotten...