By John Kitsco
Published on 01/1/2013
And yes, dear reader, your pet has much to teach you - if only you will listen, with your heart and soul...

This last day of December2012 we visited our countryside acreage, built a fire, roasted some weiners and most important, thought about our
precious dog Sandy who passed on earlier this month. We just needed to remember her love and
loyalty in this countryside setting, where snow covered the ground, a woodpecker worked quietly high in the trees above and just everywhere you looked you could not help think of precious Sandy who truly loved the acreage. It would be a quiet end to one year and a quiet beginning to another. No drinks or parties or fancy clothing. No loud music
and just the company of the frozen trees and peacefulness that you only seem to find in the countryside. Just reflection and rejoicing in the good memories. Good things. Things precious to the heart and soul.

I quietly shovelled a trail towards the woods and that is a long trail to shovel with snow one or two
feet deep in places. Sandy would approve. As she spent winter, summer, spring and fall of the last few years with us, always returning to the acreage.
There was a feeling we had the presence of a spirit dog on this day. And how much there is to be said for nature and the countryside. Where perhaps things are slower and more connected.

And yes, I suppose if only one resolution- I would hope it might be to focus on love and loyalty and goodness for the remaining days of my own life, and I suppose that is not too shabby of a goal. Such a simplistic philosophy and I would think  dogs
and pets do possess- an understanding of love and
life, then Sandy would approve. And yes, someday I will also cross the rainbow bridge to that special place where Sandy has now made her journey to.
How magnificent gentle eyes and gentle paws can teach, providing we are willing to find that secret
message they deliver with every glance and nudge.

How is it a little dog can bring you to a place in the universe where stars shine and hearts beat with the goodness that pets leave behind, after they are gone from us...And the stars blinked this night and perhaps  stars shine in the sky for all pet owners who understand the meaning of love and loss in the magnificent kingdom we share with our
dogs and pets. And with the end of one year and beginning of another my hope for the world is the goal of peace and love and happiness, which Sandy gave so freely, an unconditional love....
Happy New year everyone.....