By John Kitsco
Published on 11/21/2012
Christmas has a lonely side, especially for those of us who miss perhaps our Mom or Dad or other loved ones, and friends.....

I made a promise to myself, and that is to visit loved ones, in and around Christmas, and I especially refer to those we can speak to, but those who cannot speak back...that being our loved ones that have passed on. And how we miss them. Go down on our knees at grave-side and tell them how we would love to have them with us but we know very well that is not possible, except perhaps in our heart and mind...and that in itself is significant. We need to remember. We need to think happy thoughts. Try to project those who have left this world back to cheerful times, times of youth, times of spending quality time as a family...just knowing that if we sit quietly by our Christmas tree, those spirits of the past will surely gather with us, in thought and prayer...and perhaps that is what we need to do, especially at Christmas....perhaps... and I do believe that is what our parents or grandparents or other friends and relatives that have left this earth need to be remembered as happy, loving people....and that in itself will bring joy at what is often a lonesome time of the year.