By John Kitsco
Published on 11/7/2012
John Pippus co-wrote Half a World Away with Lucy Leblanc as a co-writer. The song was written in a small motel room near Hollywood, California and even John Pippus may be aware of a guitar chord gone wrong here or there, but the obvious fact is that - we have a great song here - and its only a matter of time the music of Pippus-Leblanc will be well known!!

John Pippus understands the music business. He sent me an email from Beverly Hills, California to say he was driving about looking at some of the mansions there. But I know John Pippus better than that...sure he took time to co-write HALF A WORLD AWAY with Lucy Leblanc and John found himself in some cheap  seventy-five dollar a night motel room, but is that not the way of todays musicians?  And for the legendary Mr. Pippus perhaps he would sometimes scratch his head and think about his age and his music and where its all going...but rest assured...its all going in the right direction. So many great songs, so much opportunity for John. He is certainly not the age of Tony Bennett or BB King and John Pippus the Bluesman is yet to become a household name, but if you want to hear it from this blogger - I think John Pippus and Lucy Leblanc have songs suitable for airplay (radio) and movies. From his recent tour to Holland, the notable interest in his music down in Australia, and the fact he is getting much airplay on radio on Canada's west coast, just a matter of time before the U.S. opens their hearts and wallets to Mr. Pippus. I absolutely believe the best is yet to come...and so what if takes a few nights in cheap motel rooms to find the holy grail....its there....
and John Pippus, Sir, you are well on your way....

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