By John Kitsco
Published on 11/2/2012
Ironic, both Frank Ifield and Slim Whitman recorded some of the same songs, such as I Remember You, RoseMarie and others....

A real gentleman, Slim Whitman was born on Jan. 20, 1924 in Tampa, Florida. Its quite incredible that Colonel Thomas Parker (who had a big influence in the life and career of Elvis Presley) signed Slim on with RCA Records and he had his first hit in 1948. A self-taught guitar player playing with his left hand, even though he was right handed, Slim got a real break in 1950 with the beautiful tune, Indian Love Call. Fast forward to 2009 when
Slim lost his wife of 67 years from kidney failure...
Amazing, but in 2010 Slim released a new album called Twilight on the Trail, his first album in 26 years...and ironic, the late Michael Jackson called
Slim Whitman one of his ten favorite vocalists. And Paul McCartney liked the idea of Slim Whitman playing left handed...And since 1957
Slim has lived quietly in Florida, in a suburb of

Slim Whitman Sir, We salute you and you will always be one of my favorite vocalists....