By John Kitsco
Published on 10/21/2012
Here is a song that is searching for a television or movie production company....and my opinion.... its going to happen, simply because all of the right elements are there to make it happen....

I know that songwriter Lucy Leblanc is going to make it. I just know it. Not only because of her association with so many songwriters throughout the globe but her very own perserverance. Take for example this recent song, City of Dreams.  This happens to be a song positively written for a specific audience. Danielle McTaggert has that sound so very similar to Susan Jacks. The song was basically written by Lucy Leblanc, Brian Fogelman and Charlie Stephenson and produced by Ryan Worsely of Echoplant Sound.  Obviously a great deal of thought has been put into not only production but what to do with such a song. And we shall wait to hear from Lucy on her return from Los Angeles to let us know how it went with all the rich movie producers down there. But remember, it only takes one good connection....

And yes, think these songwriters are onto something....wait for more, right here on this blog...

In the meantime, as before, good luck Lucy Leblanc and hopefully you get that needed break, that deserved break, from all your hard work, on the road continually between Nashville and Los Angeles.  And we all know, the music business can be a tough business...but songwriter Lucy Leblanc has what it takes. Have a listen for yourself:
and good luck Lucy!!!