By John Kitsco
Published on 10/4/2012
I am certain every Dad has from time to time encouraged his children to stay out of trouble, just a basic statement with a mountain of meaning...but then what if trouble just happens to find us....

Further to my last blog on the subject of good vs. you ever recall growing up and your Dad
just had to set you straight about something or other. Perhaps something seemingly quite insignificant and yet, to Dad - there was a need to keep each of us safe and away from trouble.

But we live in 2012. Fast cars. Easy access to money. The Casino. The liquor store. The pusher down the block. Porn in our own homes on our own computers from the internet. Adult book and movie shops. Flashing lights, unlimited  numbers of pizza and other restaurants and bars to hang out through the night, if thats our wish. Everything is moving at a very fast pace and yet not going very far very fast. In other words, just as things change, they tend to stay the same, in the same rut for how many years? Scared to take a chance? Worried  about losing our savings, our health, our life?
My oh my, so much to take into consideration....

And  yet, the older folks always reminded us to not go where angels fear to tread, to stay out of the dark, to stay out of trouble as much as possible, to be a good citizen, obey the laws of the land and know the value and meaning of a handshake.

Whatever has changed? It cannot be ourselves. Gosh. Darn. We are good folks, wouldn't hurt a fly? Or would we? Or are we?

We certainly need to reflect on our pioneers, on our own Moms and Dads and how they survived perhaps the years of the Depression, and getting through hard times....

And in the event trouble happens to find us - then we must deal with matter as well, quickly and without giving in to evil....and as our parents and grandparents always did, we need to save for a rainy day both with dollars and with common sense...