By John Kitsco
Published on 07/22/2012
Its looking more and more like the shooter in Colorado had some sort of training, was given mind altering drugs or there was some sort of Globalist agenda considering the timing of this event...

As family and friends try to come to grips with why such a tragic event took place, others are pointing at some sort of conspiracy theory. It has been pointed  out the shooter could not have pulled this off alone, because in the aftermath as police and other officials examined the apartment where the shooter lived, the explosives and booby traps were said to be very very elaborate, something this 24 year old student could not have done by himself.

Is it possible the shooter was provided with psych meds prior to this horrific event. Is it possible that someone in high places helped stage this event to bring attention to weapons and how the average person needs to give up ownership and that only the government or governments in the world through direction from the Security folks associated with the UN Security Council could orchestrate this staged act of terrorism?

Its confusing and sad. If in fact it is proven that others played a part and those persons were  connected with Government or Police, the whole thing becomes outrageous and unacceptable.

Bottom line: Family and friends mourn loved ones.
Damn the conspiracy theory and damn the shooter.
But is there more to it?