~A walk Down Memory Lane~
By Old Soul
Published on 06/26/2012
~Gone are the days of the *Movie Camera* ...... But

~Gone are the days of the *Movie Camera* ......  But the films   probably remain in a lot of homes in boxes under the step or in the attic    somewhere<  just waiting to be .   discovered  and explored~  Such as happened to us       last night while cleaning the basement. ~  What a very Pleasant and enjoyable find that was.
   Those films... were taken nearly 53 years ago,, or there about.   While my husband.. was my school sweetheart.  we have been together for many years.So you can imagine   the fun we had looking at all the changes  in ourselves and the children and other family~  What   really caught my eye was...some personality traits... that actually can be seen...    that the children  *all adults*  have now  ~ The way they move about and what they do. 
 Also  my *little Brother*   at the weddings of my older brother and  also ours    was all dressed up and wore a handsome suit  .of some sort.  with a *Little Blue Bow tie*  that made me giggle ..  Something about the *Bow Tie* makes me   smile. Oh he did looked dashing  at about age twelve or thirteen..  or so.
 Then  there was some film with our parents who are now passed away  and that was so precious to see..   Dad was fishing  ..and  moms place at the acreage.. in the back yard   everyone   having a nice time as we always did.
   Some at the old Game Farm  that no longer exists.         That was certainly a wonderful   walk down Memory lane  for sure... Go and explore your attic or basement and maybe you will fine a  hidden treasure  of old memories......