~Edible Flowers~
By Old Soul
Published on 06/25/2012
Did you know that there are some flowers that are edible?

With the summer being  here  now    .... you can have fun  and experiment. with  what our summer   provides... right from your own yard or garden.    ~*Flowers~* Did you know  that there are some flowers that are edible?  and not only a couple  ... There are many edible flowers.  But you do have to be careful  with picking the safe ones>
 Some of the edible flowers are the ~~
 Pansy... oh how i love those beautiful  bright  little faces on those   flowers.  Not only are they so pretty  but they can be used  to dress up some desserts   and look fabulous~
 Then there are  the *Busy Lizzies*   which    can be used in a salad  as a garnish and safe to eat. and also in some special drinks  ~ Then there is  *Jasmine*  which you can use to scent your tea,  mmmm the smell of Jasmine is almost medicinal.
  I am surprised to know  that *Gladiolas*  have a lettuce type of  flavour and can be used in *mouse*   pate,     and rice fillings as well.
 They are so beautiful  wouldn’t   that make a gorgeous presentation  >   Then there is  *Bergamot*     that tastes  almost like oregano..... and Bee Balm     that  has a citrus taste.     The list is so long....  that i have only touched... the tip of the ice burg`   so go ahead  and experiment  ......  have fun   but please  do check to be sure that they are the safe ones     when you pick them .      And oh i I must not  forget  ....   that you can dry  the flowers.... and use them.... in your fancy *Tea time  dainty cookies*.....