~Why Wait ? Do it Now~
By Old Soul
Published on 06/25/2012
Life is so much a *Waiting Game

Life is so much a *Waiting Game*   *if*  you let it be  ~Seems  that we wait to grow up to be able to go to school  and  be a big kid~ Well that goes by like a whistle~ then we wait to get married   *or not*   and have our own family~  Wait for them to walk and grow up and so on~ the  we keep  following the pattern    and do  what needs doing and wait for whatever comes next,  Sometimes we wait   for things that never do happen    ...Like  a tree that we plant  to bear a lot of fruit and it just doesn’t ... maybe a few  apples  or cherries   then we end up   chopping it down.... because of a disease... or other.   Maybe we wait ...for some things to happen.. that never do like  for *People to Change*    probably for the better..  which they really never do > 
  We wait  for conditions  to change       ...  wait for   something we want  and never do buy it as by the time  we think about it again  we tell ourselves  that we really don’t need it or want it any more...  It is always a waiting game     no matter which way you look at it.... then we are too old and forget what we are waiting  for     anyway  Smile     So   don’t wait.... Just  *Do It  *