~Life is A Short Story~
By Old Soul
Published on 06/24/2012
Take some ones hand.... Listen to their story.....

~Life is like a short  story.... and i will explain why i feel  like that~Years ago ..when we moved into this house.. where we presently reside.....     Our first grandson was a year old.  When we were first looking at the house... we talked about ... the way the kitchen was built ..and the steps going down to the basement  .  Worrying    about.. our little grandson.. falling down the stairs... which fortunately never did happen .
   The house looked huge to us and the family was still pretty small.    only the one grand child.It seemed  as was  in *fast forward*  motion... the other three grandkids  came along ... then a couple more   granddaughters...   with the  family   extending.. The years slipped by so very quickly  ~
  That very grandson is now thirty years old and married .....That time seemed  like a flash.   the other grandkids are all adults... The youngest of them all is  *twenty three*    Oh my time does fly~We take a look at ourselves   ... we are both in our  *Seventies*  Yikes  whoa~  where is life going  ?
  All the work and toil and worry  and     now.........   we can rest... Of course we still worry  about the kids and grandkids    and always will.  Yes  we say out thank you to God  each and every morning for another great day   whatever kind of day it is .. and for the health and safety of the families..    and  pray for peace in the world.Life  just simply goes on  if we are here or not....It has to...... So   enjoy every moment..... Overlook the trivial  things  and do the best  you can.....  Take some ones  hand.... Listen to their  story.....