The Joy of Birdwatching at Home ~
By Old Soul
Published on 06/23/2012
I find.. that nature is oh so close.. to our every day living.

Reading about the crows in Winnipeg..  that have   bothering   people ... that walk   around ... where their nests  are located.   My  gosh  ..  when have parents  stopped protecting their young ?    Never  ~  I find  that nature  is   oh so close  to our  every day living.    We went to our  daughters  a while back.. and they   they live on an acreage... ` The driveway from the road to the house is quite long once you pass the gate.  Lo and behold..  when we turned in we had an escort   part way to the yard.  It was a*Kill Dear*    Apparently  they make their nests on the ground.... and there was a nest in one of the flowering bushes  near the gate... so the bird  hoped along    quickly in front of the truck  It's  long leggs   going as fast as they could......  and we watched it until   *i suppose*   we  were were safely  far enough .*away from the nest ..then it flew away onto a tree. They are mighty intelligent    ....They are well known for their diversionary displays   and often immitate a broken wing   to lure  any predator away from their nests before flying away.
  Also in the back yard  we have a few  bird houses and the little sparrows  also  complain when we get too close to the birdhouse and do a *fly by *   for distraction.
 Its a wonderful   show .. to watch the birds... and their habits  ~ and you don’t have to go far from home  ~