The Order Of Birth~
By Old Soul
Published on 06/23/2012
When a family of children are born close together ... sometimes.. it seems .... that they are automatically picked... and put into that spot

Unlike  the *Runt*  of  the litter   who   *who is a member of a family of  animals  .  and face many disadvantages ...   such as being  smaller or weaker    than the others..... Such are  situations  of  *some siblings*  in   some   families....The thing is   they may not be smaller or weaker  but it is ..*their   position** in the line of birth..which i have heard  can  make a difference.
   When a family  of  children are born close   together  ... sometimes..  it seems ....  that they are  automatically  picked...   and put into that  spotPunchNot intentionally ..  though.....which can be a precarious  position..  which in turn like  *Dominos* causes    problems with self esteem  and so forth ...
 However ...  this may be true in some cases. This is just a thought.....   to think about.  ..  The first born is always *The number  One Child*  .  Then when number two comes along   ..if the  gender is different ... that makes  it a million dollar  family.... that one is also very special.. as they are the first of the first...*such as *boy...then..  Girl*  ..
 Well number three comes along  .. they are *The odd man out  ..  `Just ..  special  but nice and healthy.. ok..But you already have one of each ,,,   then   when    the last one...whatever that is....  comes along ..   Of course thats the Baby*  and usually   always the  spoiled child..
*  and sometimes it never changes....    Ha ..  they love it  ....  they can do no wrong.. .   But it does leave    hidden feelings   some children........  I wonder if there  has ever  been any research done about this subject  with   * taking the third child`s    position*  and lifetime results.   I don`t say.... that it affects  everyone   but  it is there..... Maybe someday    someone will   figure it out   ..It is just a very interesting conception  that i have heard  so much about   pertaining  to the line of birth  and  matching their characteristics. I wonder   how this would  effect the line of birth involving  multiple births  as well.  . That would be a very interesting