~To Diet or Not to Diet~
By Old Soul
Published on 06/20/2012
That is the big question.. that..*almost* all people have.. now a days.

To *Diet or not to Diet* ?   That is the big question..   that..*almost* all people have.. now a days.... since that food is so *abundant*  and actually ...very tasty food at that~The decision is a difficult one... Smile
 Well where do we start?   lets start with  *Metabolism....That is the chemical process of the *living  body*
 What we are talking about here  the *digestion    part of it and the transporting the substances into and between the different cells....
 Getting away from all the complex details.... and    the end result  is   ... If you have a good metabolism     you will  burn off the fat and calories so to speak....  therefore if your metabolism is slower      it is the opposite. Well it has been said  that if  you were born of a certain type  or  *family trait*...  you will therefore  ... be of the same.  However   i am not saying.. that you can not  *diet*   so to speak *  and lose some weight    and reach  your   goal ..or there about ~~ and remain at that weight...  maybe  Smile  but   then   *You would have to maintain this particular lifestyle  for the rest of your life... if you want to stay the same weight.      Now this is only my opinion  .  ~ Actually  ...  i think  that not *Moving * enough  like walking or exercising...   will also  slow down the metabolism.....  awww  well  ...   there’s no harm in trying something new........ maybe try riding a bike   again  .... or get a treadmill... but don’t get it and let it sit in the basement like i did ~~
  Which reminds me   that i must get acquainted   with the *tread mill *  again soon ...Ok   don’t waste  your money..   starting any type of diet ... without  a lot of research.. and   ~ consulting your doctor .....  
 Happy  *Adventure~ 
 . Smile