~Our Spruce Tree~
By Old Soul
Published on 06/16/2012
It made me think of how long it took... for that *Once healthy and beautiful tree* to grow... that tall... and to the age that it was.

The *Spruce Tree*  and what to do with it..*read*..   didn’t help ...  so we finally had to have it taken down. Yesterday    we had a company come and remove one of our lovely big *Spruce Trees* from the front of the yard.    It was sad to see it go as it had been there for  40   years or more.
 It was amazing to see how  well organized     they were....  . *taking the tree down*..  There were  about 5 people   that came with their   equipment.   It didn’t take more than 2 hours and everything was cleaned up perfectly. after they   completed their task. 
 It made me think of   how long it took... for that  *Once healthy and beautiful tree*   to grow... that tall... and to the age that it was.  That was the sad part.  However we did try and do everything that we could to save the tree.   It had gotten so bad   ..  there was a chance...  that it could fall any time..  and with the weather  changing... we were not going to take a chance  of more problems.
Of course   there are other problems ... that are caused  from big old trees in the yard...   stemming from sewer problems   with extending roots to other concerns.
 On the other hand    the shade that the trees provide and of course the beauty of the tree itself...  makes  you think..... whether  to replace the empty spot  in time  or not  with another  small tree...  ... Hmmmm    .What shall we do ? 
 I suppose  we will concentrate on the lovely trees in the back yard for now...... and decide at a later date  what to do with the front.  Anyway.... if you do happen to have  to get a tree removed  i do hope that you are as lucky as we were getting a very competent and good company to do the job for you... as we had.     have a nice summer...