Giving and Receiving
By Robird's Words
Published on 06/1/2012
The delicate mix of giving and receiving can be a determining factor of monetary flow for both the giver and the receiver.

The delicate mix of giving and receiving can be a determining factor of monetary flow for both the giver and the receiver. Have you ever known someone one that is generous and can’t allow anyone to give to them? On the other hand have you ever known someone who finds it painful to buy someone a cup of coffee? Often times the giver is addicted to giving and unfortunately they seem to line up with people who are addicted to receiving. This locks them in the state of limited manifestation. Being a giver myself I know first hand that when you are a giver it is hard to get use to being a receiver. The thing I try to remind myself is that those of us who love to give must not forget how good it feels and that we must not deny someone the pleasure of experiencing that for themselves. Likewise for those of you who love to be taken care of and showered in gifts, take the time to find a way to give back. It is through this even exchange of giving and receiving that real wealth is formed. Once wealth is obtained it becomes hard to keep it. Many people lose their fortunes in the energy of trying to preserve their wealth. Getting in a state of holding is a dangerous place to be. As the wealth grows so must the giving and receiving. An even flow of money come in and out is what maintains the balance. Let’s not forget that giving comes in many forms so the use of your time and talents is equally important as money. Try to identify where you stand in the giving and receiving line up. Catch yourself when the opportunity presents itself and even the playing field. Graciously accept someone’s offer to give. Let them know how much you appreciate their generosity or kindness. Make sure if you are a receiver that you look for ways to give back. Giving comes in many forms, compliments, chores, baked goods, there any number of ways that you can use your talents. Most times givers and receivers have certain situations they experienced in their lives that makes them more one way or the other. Maybe growing up you lived in a household where not much was give to you. Usually people who have experienced this become extreme givers. Children born into families such as these often times end up being the opposite because they got too much given to them. Once you really understand that there is no need to hang onto things and that there is plenty the easier it will become for you to give and receive. So if you feel like your flow is being blocked up try to experiment with giving and receiving. If you see someone who needs a hand offer one and try to do those little things that make others lives easier. Adopt the mindset of looking for places to serve. In no time at all you will see great changes in the flow in your life.