Something You Should Know
By Robird's Words
Published on 05/26/2012
Once you have this information there is no end to the changes you can make within yourself.

Do you realize that something exists surrounding your body that plays a huge role in the outcome of your life? Many of us do now know these chakras or energy centers exist and what an important part they play out in our lives. Maybe you don’t know that you can also come into life with many blockages, creating the different obstacles you attract to yourself. There are also the blockages that are caused by this life time as well. Once you have this information there is no end to the changes you can make within yourself. All those things that you don’t like about yourself will become much easier to change once you locate and deal with your blockages. Getting a good start with a solid home life can really set you on a good path. That stability that you have been shown is what you will be looking for in your own life when you choose a partner one day. Having good examples or role models can mean everything to children. Some of us won’t be that lucky and we may have to find our way back on track on our own. Not that we can’t all get there eventually, but there may be a rough road before we make the necessary changes to get things going in a positive direction. Learning and understanding our energy centers and what blockages do to our behavior and our well being physically is very important. Within minutes of meeting someone I can tell you what has happened to them in their lives. I can also tell you which centers have been blocked and why. Try as they may to change their behavior or their health nothing changes. Until the stuck energy is removed and flow is restored the person can never really live up to their full potential. There are many books available for you to educate yourself about your chakras. One of my favorites is Eastern Body, Western Mind. This book gives many examples and behavioral patterns that will help you to recognize where your blockages are located. It also gives you numerous other tips that will help you immensely in the clearing process. Clearing and opening your chakras will be one of the most beneficial things you do for yourself both physically and emotionally. They hold the keys to all of our experiences and can awaken us to our fullest potential. Once open and expanded we can now reach our fullest potential and fulfill our intentions for our lives. For more clarity, more understanding, and more wisdom, learn more about your chakras and the affect that they have on your life. With the opening of each center comes more awareness, vibrant health, and an expanded consciousness. The ultimate goal is to raise the kundalini energy and to burn away all karma stored from your past lives. If you look back in my blog there is a story about when I raised my kundalini and what to expect in that process.