*Cane and Able*
By Old Soul
Published on 05/17/2012
the pain is always there ~

I am  *able*   to walk...... even though for the past couple of years i have been diagnosed  with a *torn meniscus*in my knee~ as well as *arthritis* in my knees~
    The pain is always there, and sometimes more extreme than others.     I like to say..* mind over matter*.. is what keeps me going. However i visited * that place....*...  a year ago... and was supposed to have a knee surgery,  but   they told me * that i wasn’t bad enough yet.    How darn bad do i have to get...? before i get in get it... done .....and get it over with ?  
I do use a *cane*    am am *able*... to function    but     absolutely   *with a lot of pain* in my knee.....  I have known of some people that were not nearly as bad ... but  when asked ... How much it hurts ?   They somehow  muster up some tears  and *voila*    it got done.and a lot of other  people have had it done  too.   There you go ...I know... it is a common procedure these days.. both knee and hip replacements  ..or repair.  or whatever needs  fixing  .... but they do say  *the squeaky wheel gets  the oil..*.  I  suppose.... i have a *cane and am still able*  to walk  some old how..... so i’ll stop my *squeaking......oops  rather  squawking~ and with my *cane  i am still able  *   to get around    .....