By John Kitsco
Published on 04/25/2012
Its always interesting and sometimes scary to hear some facts that someone somewhere has come up are a few....

That 38% of assaults occur during a break-in?

That 74% of home deaths from fire usually resulted in a faulty smoke alarm?

That 46 million folks have mobility limitations?

That  36 million folks in the U.S. are over 65?

That over the next 15 years the number of dependent old folks is expected to increase by over 40%, severly disabled by over 60%?

That one in three older folks (over 65) will have a fall each year?

That 20% of seniors that fall will die within a year?

That another 24% of seniors who fall are admitted to care facilities or nursing homes?

That 1/3 of those over 65 live alone?

That nursing home costs are soaring, from $2500
to $7,000 per month and even higher?

Well, don't know where I got the above but no doubt at least some of it is accurate. A friend phoned tonight (Al is 80) and he was telling me
that he still goes to the gym daily, lifts weights, rides a stationary bike 6 miles and yes, still looks at the girls....still lives at home with his wife, plans to put in a crop at the farm this summer and has gone to Arizona almost every year for the last 20 years after winter thats got to be freedom
80 in my opinion!!!