*A Wannabe*
By Old Soul
Published on 03/19/2012
And some remain a *Wannabe* forever*

Have  you ever met someone ....that tried   to impress you ...  by .. trying to act.. like someone  well known ? Or even doing things that appear to be... like something ..that someone else did  ?
  Huh~  exactly....    that’s a *wannabe*
 There’s a lot of them around  for sure....
 Even little children...... hey they all wanna  grow up and be just like their  mommy   or like their  daddy  ..     am i correct?   And...  some of them actually do     *S*   ~ and some remain a *wannabe*  forever   .         but that’s ok   ~    have you ever wanted to be like someone that was special to you ? Or  someone Famous  ?
  Maybe its a good thing after all .... because it gives you *drive*  ...
  and hopefully  its someone who is doing something *good*   *S*
 I remember.. a long time ago.  when our children were small.. we took them a children  show  ...  at the radio station and it was  on tv  as well.    Well.  when the show host asked one of the kids.. what he wanted to be.. when he grew up..  he replied   *I want to be a Fire truck *   *S*  so there you go ......
  Some of us want to try to be something   sometimes  that we will never be...... hey   *It is * impossible to be a fire truck        ... I figure  *S*  
   The solution  .... Just be yourself  .  and do the best job of it ..  that you can....   have a good     week    ......  *S*