I must go on and live each day..
By Tender Heart
Published on 10/1/2009
When we love someone, it stays deep in the heart.

This is a wonderful place to be.   It's a warm, heartfelt environment.

I am happy to share and want to help others, who truly care for each other. 

My latest blog was about my mom, because she passed away, and I have missed her so much.  But now the time has come where I must go on and live each day, as she would have been proud of me---not to mourn, but to live with joy, to help others, to smile, and to know that she is in Heaven and all of her suffering is finally over.

But the heart still longs for the person...Letting go is a challenge, but today I found myself feeling better---the grief wasn't there.  Mom is finally at peace.

When we love someone, it stays deep in the heart.  And that's okay.  I'm learning each day to let go of the grief.  I know I'm not alone.  We all lose someone we love in our lives, that's just the way life is.  We have to go on...

It isn't easy...I think of Momma 24/7, but I know she's happy, and sure, it's only been a month since she's been gone, but my love for her is as strong as ever.

Treasure that friends, whoever they are.  Because they will live forever in your heart.