Missionaries are People Too!
By Lv Jack
Published on 09/14/2009
When a religious missionary knocks on your door PLEASE BE NICE TO THEM...

For the past 3 months my wife and I have made friends with some missionaries from one of our local churches. These kids are awesome! They are about 20 years old. Their commitment is for 2 full years, usually in a foriegn country or a city far from home. Only one phone call each week to mom and dad. No T.V, no internet, no cell phone (except for official business), no dating or relationships. They start work at 8 am and finish at 9:30 pm, 6 days per week. Guess what? They pay all of their own expenses!

The guidance and support that these young men have given us has probably saved my marriage and my life. I won't waste time telling you about me, however, I was at the low point of my once happy and successful life. They cry with us, and they cheer with us when we receive our different blessings. It's sincere and from their hearts. It's hard to fool me.

There are missionaries from many religions. It's plastered all over the same Bible that you and I read, to "teach". So why are people so rude to these brave and dedicated young men? You tell me. I think it's because people know there is a God, but they also know that they are living in sin, and are not yet ready to repent.

If you are one of those people, maybe you could do just one good deed tomorrow when a missionary knocks, and say, "THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK, I'M NOT READY YET" and close the door without a bang.