Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
By Liisa Marita
Published on 08/10/2009
Change begins with our beliefs and thoughts. Our thoughts can inspire us or poison us just like the foods we eat, the company we keep, the movies we watch or the music we listen to.

Mahatma Gandhi has stated the following:
"Your beliefs become your thoughts,
 your thoughts become your words,
your words become your actions,
your actions become your habits,
your habits become your values,
and your values become your destiny."

   It all begins with our beliefs and thoughts. Our thoughts can inspire us or poison us just like the foods we eat, the company we keep, the movies we watch or the music we listen to. I view society and individuals similar to the cells in a body. When cells come together and are organized it becomes an organ, the cells are interdependent upon one another for survival. If one or more cells become diseased it affects the other cells surrounding it. It takes all cells to work together to function at their optimal levels. I view people the same way. If we have a healthy support system, it is like the diseased cell.

The deeper question is what is motivating the cells to fulfill their functions? Some claim it is DNA-the blueprint of the cell. However, what is the control that turns it on, off or modifies it? Bruce Lipton, PhD. in his book "The Biology of Belief" discusses this. He is a research scientist in cell biology and states that it is the physical and energetic environment that controls cells, not its genes (DNA). Epigenetics is the science of how environmental signals select, modify and regulate gene activity. This new model states that genes are constantly in a state of flux, in response to our environment and life experiences. He states it is our perceptions of life that shape our biology. In other words what we think affects our body.

Where is the "mind" located? Is it in the brain? Or could it be that "mind" is like an energetic hologram in every cell in our body? Candace Pert discusses this in her book, "Molecules of Emotion". She states that emotions are the bridge between the body and mind. She is interested in the biological substrates, neuropeptides, that carry information from cell to cell.

She questions what animates the neuropeptides and their receptors. She wonders if it is the "Soul". This typically is not an acceptable hypothesis in the scientific realm. However, we are at a precipice in society, at the edge of the cliff where we must leap into the unknown, trust in the belief that there may be something larger than we thought controlling the body from the microscopic to the macroscopic level.

Where do I end and where does someone else begin? Is it the collective belief that we are separate that locks us into a mental construct and acceptance of being separate? Are we really as separate as many think we are? I do not believe so. If we are formed from energy, and as quantum physics states, more space than solid, then my energy intersects with someone elses. Once we realize that we are not separate from one another, we will then realize we must take greater care, not only with our own body, but also with each other.

It is our beliefs that dictate how we view the world and the people who inhabit it. In order to make lasting change we first must bring to consciousness those hidden, transparent beliefs that contribute to our continued behaviors. Change begins with our thoughts and beliefs; like a pebble tossed in a pond, rippling outward in our psyche, creating change that expands our concept of who we are- allowing us to change our life.