By John Kitsco
Published on 07/25/2011
As we move through life, the years passing by - we need to take inventory of our good side and our bad side. And yes, we all have two sides, and we all have the power to change....

Each of us sometimes encounters some things- that nag at us- beckoning us to change, to quit, to think, to move along  the highway of opportunity. Also known as the highway of change.

Maybe we get too comfortable or indifferent and need to think about
where we are really going and just how it is we are going to get there.
Sort of like planning for a trip. Only this journey, is the journey of life.
Subject of course to our own interpretation, our own religious beliefs
and our own lifestyle. We may live in the rural areas and think a whole
lot different than someone in the city. We may have a desire to drink,
to smoke, to engage in activities that are less than desireable. And all
while, the wheels of life turn. We eat food that we know may not add
benefits to our well being. We have a casual drink and realize later how
a casual drink changes our personality. Still, the colored water beckons.

And you may begin to wonder, where is this blog going? Let me tell you, it is going to a place most of us don't want to the place
known as truth, known as love, known as hope, known by many words
that describe not only our lives, but the places and things we do -or don't do- hoping the good will win and the bad will simply go away. But it won't!!
You see, we become a slave to the things that we want, that we buy,
that we enjoy, those things that creep into our lives such as I mentioned
earlier, which I shall now refer to as our habits. And we all have habits.
We are habitual procrastinators, we are creatures of habit. And we can
let those habits rule us or we can take control. Like the runaway horse and buggy waiting for someone to lead, like the ship at sea needing a captain and crew. So, we find out - we are not alone - our problems
just might be an opportunity in disguise.

Just remember, that power to change is within us. We need to dig deep. We need to ask important questions about our lives, about
our health, about our family, and most important we need to ask
important questions to our Maker, to our God,  and not be afraid
to consult, to pray, to venture out into a new place, turn a new leaf,
or as my friend Gary would say, do not be afraid to live dangerously
at times, and by this I mean, take a chance, reach into the unknown
and just maybe you will find that life really is not that difficult and complex and somewhere, sometime, if we make an effort, the power
of change, like a gentle breeze, will move right along with us.