Changing back The Clock
By Old Soul
Published on 07/24/2011
*Their Work was never Finished*

When we were young .....our parents  were heard saying  ...*.Oh boy..   it would be nice to be able to *turn the clock back*  
 And i think we wondered what that meant and why they would  use that phrase   now and again?
  Their  work was never finished~ From daybreak to dawn seemed that there was* forever *  things  that had to be done.  They always did have a huge  garden from the time i could remember   ~  .   Dad worked  as a hat maker and mom  ....well  mom didn’t go out to work then ... but with four little mouths to feel and dad and herself made six  meals three times a day and cleaning  , washing,   remember ..... she did all that without   the help of anyone else  regardless how she was feeling and she didn’t  have
the modern applinces that   there  are  these days  .  Wow~ Just the pulling the water from the well and carrying   coal to cook with ...
 So hard to believe....Now a days..  all the young folks   feel that without all the new  appliances and even the ones that are not a need just a want ......   an ex ample   .... A Dishwasher......  But to them it is a *Must*
  They would not have survived  the  olden days  .........and lived into their  ninties as mother did  ~and worked much harder than they will ever   work~
  And you wonder   why    ........the phrase  was used .....  BUT   it does make me wonder     *If*    the clock would be turned back and  mother had the same stuff that the young ones had now     ......would she have lived   as long as she did  ...Bless her soul....