Character in Life: Relative Distress
By Irish McKilligan
Published on 07/19/2011
Do you have a relative that doesn't claim you... or anyone in the family? I've got one and it's ridiculous.

I think everyone has a relative that they struggle to deal with or avoid.  Maybe someone tries your patience or something.  I've got a relative who swears that half her family is not her family.  Nothing was done to her, nothing happened... she just doesn't like anyone. 

This person has a nasty habit of talking about everyone in a very negative way.  Her now boyfriend has a reputation of being drunk and rude to everyone.  If she gets upset, the boyfriend goes into attack mode.  One can appreciate a partner choosing sides of their partner, but not an unwarranted or viscious verbal attack.

I've heard many people tell me how this relative doesn't think we "real" family or family at all.  This person will sit at dinner and be nice to you and then you'll hear something horrible about how much they hate you and think you shouldn't even be around.  The rest of the family thinks this is a bit much, but we've all gotten used to it and we tend to ignore it. 

The thing that is horrifying about this sibling is the latest comment is that they feel like the "other" siblings are imposing their wishes over "property".  The shocker is not that there's no property, but that the property owner is alive and well and working on said "property" which actually belongs to a business that he CO-owns. 

This relative is always involved in some kind of law suit for some injury suffered on the job.  Seems to be the same injury every time, I don't know what the settlement is but I know there have been several over the years. 

Now I personally have had alot of good memories with this sibling, but I found out they don't share these feelings.  To have someone continue to say you aren't family after 40 years is a bit ridiculous.  You have wonder if there aren't a few marbles loose.  I guess I just don't find their ethics admirable.  I find them altogether lacking.  I realize this is a money grab and it's likely for money that doesn't exist.  I also realize that when, someday, my father passes... that this sibling will try to conquer and divide and grab and go. 

Me, I want to spend time with him now.  I could care less about any property and I think it should go to the co-owner.  I also think it's a despicable display of greed and divisiveness.  It makes me sad, but I ain't going anywhere.  We're family.  I don't have to like what they are doing, I just have to live with it.