What does education mean to you?
By Naomi contentment
Published on 10/7/2010
I came across this topic a while ago in one of my classes. It's about education. Does education hold an intrinsic or instrumental value for you?

With our economy going crazy and employement not looking so good, many people are going back to school and this is great, but is it worth it if you only see it as a means to get a better paying job?

I believe it can be worth it if you're in serious need of a better paying job, but for those who aren't in need of it but seek an education for it's instrumental value are another story. I say this because I believe they're selling themselves short because by going back to school or even going for the first time it won't be that fun. And yes education should be fun!

For me education has an intrinsic value. Meaning I'm attending college for the pure fun of education. No matter what class I have, even if it seems horrible at first I will do my best to find the inspiration to learn what is being taught. And I do this not for the grade or to complete my degree, but because I want to completely understand what I'm learning and make use of it. It's fun to me, not to mention I can make excellent use of it in the real world. 

All I'm saying is that if you look at all of your education as having a value far greater than just to earn more money, then you will be happier overall with your career. Not to mention going into a career because you like it, and not because you want the money.