~The Sound Of Music~
By Old Soul
Published on 07/29/2010
By then i am ready to Rise and Shine

The Sound of  Music~Oh ~~~ to be woken up  to the neighbours horrn honking  ~ They apparently hooked up their alarm system  backwards~   *S*  Then at 4 am the Magpies and Crows in the big Spruce trees  start singing for their breakfast i imagine~  By then the cars begin driving by ~ People going to work or where ever they go at that time  ~
 Oh yes  ~ on a hot summers day  when you sleep with your windows open ~ you hear it all ~We live not too far away from the fire station as well~ and   when the siren  starts wailing ~    so  do the neighbours   Dogs  ~ Oh sounds like a wonderful *Choir*  Especially when they harmonize~ the little dogs and the big dogs      with a combination of sounds  ~
   By then i am ready  to Rise and Shine and get a nice cup of coffee and read the Journal ~that the paper carrier ~had run up the stairs and put into the mail Box~ making a clanking noise  ~ and cheerfully ran down   clomp clomp clomp~ *S*
 Well the world doesn't all sleep at the same time  i guess~
 With all this i get my feet on the floor and get started   and say**THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER BRAND NEW DAY*