ConKerr Cancer - A Case For Smiles
By Nancy Armstrong
Published on 07/11/2009
ConKerr Cancer is blessed with a simple, clear mission – To make life brighter for children with life changing illnesses and injuries.


I have come across this wonderful organization, and thought I'd pass it on to anyone that may be interested.
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In 2002, Ryan Kerr was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer. Founder, Cindy Kerr, began making pillowcases to brighten up his hospital room and to put a smile on his face. He loved it and she began making pillowcases for other children with cancer at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

In 2008, Ryan lost his very brave battle with cancer but the pillowcase project - now a not-for- profit called ConKerr Cancer - has grown in amazing ways. In just two years, Cindy and thousands of volunteers have provided over 90,000 pillowcases to sick children in hospitals across North America and in South Africa. School groups, sewing circles, church groups and fabric stores have all pitched in and are making pillowcases for the kids.

A quote from one dad shows how a little pillowcase can make a big difference to a young patient, "Things came to a head for my daughter last night when she refused to let anyone touch her. I think she just had enough poking and prodding as a child can stand. Well, the child life specialist brought her one of your pillowcases and since then, she has been more cooperative in letting the medical team access her IV and conduct diagnostic testing, She actually has become attached to the ‘magic pillowcase’."

ConKerr Cancer has had a profound effect on the families they have already reached, and they are deeply committed to providing even more pillowcases – and smiles! – to sick children everywhere.

Check out their website and join them in such a wonderful cause. – I'm sure it will put a smile on your face too!

There are lots of ways for you to help! And none of them require a lot of your time! You can


- Cut, wash, and fold fabric for our in-hospital sewing days
- Help package pillowcases for delivery to hospitals
- Pick up pillowcases from drop off sites and prepare them for delivery to children
- Become a regional coordinator responsible for organizing and coordinating ConKerr Cancer's programs for your local hospital
Sew Help by sewing a pillowcase!

A Pillowcase Directions

Where do you send your pillow case once it's complete? Find a ConKerr coordinator near you!
ConKerr Regional Directory


Your donation also helps spread the word about the pillowcase project to communities around the country.
Our ultimate goal is that every child with a life changing illness receives a bright, cheery pillowcase when he or she is in the hospital.

Donate Online

ConKerr Cancer is a 501 (C) 3 charitable organization. All donations of money, materials, and pillowcases are tax deductible under current IRS rules.

Check out their website for more information: