It's all in how you say it
By Kim DuBois
Published on 07/2/2009
Living 'debt free' or with 'financial freedom' - what would Mother Theresa have done?

I was looking at the April edition of Redbook today (yes, I am a little behind) and saw an article titled "Living Debt Free".  Sounds nice, but in my endeavor to better myself and my life, I have come across a much better way of looking at things.  Though we all understand the concept, 'living debt free' still puts emphasis on Debt.  In spite of what the article is about, the first images that come to mind are likely ones of... you guessed it - DEBT!  The first thing I saw in my mind when I read the title was a stack of bills on the table, and the feeling that accompanied it were one of being poor, being stuck, overwhelmed and  sad.  Instead, it is so much nicer to strive to live with "Financial Freedom"!  When I think of these words (even though they mean the same thing) I see myself standing with my arms raised high in truimph, wads of money clutched in both hands, "Yes!"  Much nicer image. 

It is such a small difference, but the feelings associated with them are tremendously different, and I  believe it is those exact feelings that will drive my ability to experience Financial Freedom, becuase thinking about it in this way simply feels good.  Thinking about living debt free pulls me to a place of debt,  makes me sad, and ultimately, I believe, will only help keep me trapped in a place I don't want to be. 

If we could take everything we don't like in our lives, and rather than focusing on them - the very things we don't want, and were to instead focus on what  we do want, I believe we could change everything.  It's all about where we are putting  our energy.  Are you putting your energy into debt or into freedom?  Even Mother Theresa lived by this concept.  She never once attended an 'anti-war rally', becuase, in spite of the intentions, she felt the energy was focused on war.  She would only attend peace rallies, because that was what she wanted her energy to be.

It feels  good to do this.  It tends to keep the fear, anger, frustration and anxiety at bay, and instead fills me with a sense of calm and peace.  That is where I want to be.