An insight to the minds of a cattle
By santhosh kumar
Published on 05/5/2010
I realized the labor free life that was waiting for me.


I have been an obedient servant of my master for the past many years. The trough created by the heavy yoke made the hump on my shoulder look much bigger. It was blissful when my master removed the yoke from my shoulder. Thoughts of labor free life made my eyes gleam. But then I saw my master weeping .Then I saw a vehicle carrying a herd of bulls. Those bulls couldn’t move as they were tied close to each other. I couldn’t turn my head towards my master as I was dragged by someone onto the vehicle. Soon I became one among those bulls which couldn’t even move. The vehicle started moving. Where am I going? Why was the master weeping? Something was weighing heavily on my heart. Perhaps heavier than the tons of load I had carried through out my life.

                 The vehicle stopped. All of us were dragged again. I could hear the cries of the bulls. I could see blood flowing all over. I realized the labor free life that was waiting for me.

                 Master, Didn’t I deserve a peaceful death??