More in the Life of....
By Anita Dpacifichi
Published on 04/21/2010
an added bit to my blog of yesterday

When I wrote about my expectation in writing a blog I may not have been clear abut the responses I have always received with my posts.  In every case there was an abundance of people giving me positive feedback.  My dissatisfaction with my writing was not about those responses and comments.  I want to use this experience to illustrate how often what we feel about ourselves is not based on the reality of what is happening but on some old belief we have about ourself.  I thought, on my conscious level, that by writing my posts I would be expressing my voice.  But underlying that conscious thought was a belief that I wouldn't be able to be good enough.  I had an old belief that my voice wasn't important.  So no matter what the response was I had to learn to trust myself.  I had to find the clarity to do my writing for myself.  When I finally faced my own expectation about myself I realized writing was more important than letting an old thought pattern dictate my behaviour.  It's how we change.  We face those old expectations and take responsibility for them being misinformation and not the reality of today.

There is, of course, many more layers of experience in my decision making than this simple explanation.  But it is a good example of how easily we can sabotage ourselves so I share it with love