By altaves douglas
Published on 07/1/2009
I was in bed last night playing pokemon platinum

I was in bed last night playing pokemon platinum, and the whole time i was there i was playing i was thinking what else could i be doing right now, something more productive, or better for the environment, and then after I thought about it, it dosen't matter what I planned  to do, I would either flake out halfway through, or i just wouldn't do it period. You see, this wouldn't be the first time i had planned to do something and never thought about it  again, I do it all the time. Just the other day I had planned on washing a load of clothes, and loading the dish-washer, but instead I laid on the sofa and played my xbox. Now to most this doesn't seem like a major thing, but the way i see it is that if i don't have the motivation to clean my house, what am i going to do during the coming zombie invasion, millions upon millions of undead falling upon, and me sitting in my house playing gutar hero. okay, bad example( but it will happen, government just won't listen.). Well say for example i get a job at a large firm paying 124k a year, and on my first day, i decided that watching my selective videos is more important than going to that job, because if my personal interests are going to stop me from doing housework, then who's to say they won't stop me from skipping work. Ya' know?