A Quick Meditation for the Overwhelmed
By Jumping Jelly Bean
Published on 04/13/2010
In less than 5 minutes you can release the feeling of being overwhelmed through a simple mental exercise.

If you have too much work, if you have pressure of paying bills, if you have to take care of the kids and have 15 different appointments you have to make, if you have relationship issues, if you are having all those things and more all at once on your mind and you are feeling overwhelmed, I discovered today a new meditation technique that helped lift the weight of the world off my shoulders like magic.

First, get to a safe place. Your bedroom, your bathroom, the shower, wherever you can go to find about 2-5 minutes where no one and nothing will bother you.

Once you are in your safe place, get comfortable, lay down, sit in a chair, just find a place where you can stay calm and still for about 2-5 minutes.

Now close your eyes and imagine a huge empty field, the details of the setting are irrelevant. In that field imagine yourself holding the reigns to a massive horse drawn carriage. The reigns are connected to wild horse. These wild horses are big, gigantic, and they are upset and startled. For every one thing that is on your mind that is overwhelming you, let that be one of the wild horses. Once you have a clear picture in your mind of all the bucking wild horses you are holding on to, one by one, let each horse off its reigns. Watch as the horse runs away through the vastness of the field until you can no longer see it. Then return back to the reigns and let each horse go until you are left no longer holding any horses.

Then take a deep breath, but understand that you will likely take spontaneous deep breaths as you let each horse off its reign. Accept those breaths and allow all of that pent up energy to be released as you exhale.

This has worked like magic for me, I hope it works for you too. It's worth a try, isn't it?