By Paul Cable
Published on 04/9/2010

Gardening can be a good way of relieving stress or boredom.  Even if you live in a flat and don't have much space it is still possible to grow plants within the place.  I do here as well as have pots just outside.  Most of the plant I grow are herbs which can also be used for coooking so a double benefit there.

Some indoor plant will flourish all year round so you have a sense of greenery especially the herbal ones.  Fresh herbs for cooking is fantastic.  It really brings out the flavours.

Go on try it.  You don't have to have such green fingers. Just sent good thougths to the plants and they will respond in kind even if you feel that there is nothing going on.  This can only be noticed over time where the plants flourish far better than those left to its own mercy.

Sow good thoughts and you will receive good thoughts.  It is so true too.  Try it!