Spring Power
By Spiritoftheraven Dancer
Published on 03/20/2010
The power of spring and new beginnings.. Manifestation of all your desires and dreams take hold... Paying attention to the subtle things... gratitude for your breath... literally stop and observe... the flowers, the tree's coming alive.

Greetings to all the beautiful souls on Mother Earth. Alas I have a new computer as mine crashed so I greet you with a first day of spring post.

Spring for me is a time of manifestation of all my dreams. During my long winter Slumber, I had time to reflect and really get in touch with priorities and new horizons.  Once the blossoming begins and the deciduous trees start to show buds.. everything begins a new path and beginnings.  It is my time of shedding all the old so the new can come in.  New doors open as I open my Heart to all the magic that is around.  When I breathe in I become aware of being alive and notice all the subtle things coming into being.  Now I take time to notice everything, and spring is thriving with magic and beauty.  When I am walking the dog I look up into the trees to see Bald Eagles perching, and am now hearing all the wonderful lyrical songs of the birds returning for summer.  When I visualize and imagine new things in my life taking hold as though they already exist, the power of manifestation is almost immediate.  So today I am sending out the energy of manifestation and the magic of spring to everyone.  See your life blossoming beautifully as new beginnings and changes take place for the higher good of all.