Tattoo Artist...... Inner Self Exposed
By Nancey Collette
Published on 03/15/2010
Embrace life.

We all have Walls that be build around ourselves. Thats our protection. We build these walls so carefully that we think no one can break it nor climb over it.  We are only kidding ourselves. We pretend to be tough but we all are children. We build these walls for many reasons, sometimes we just keep adding more brick making it thicker and higher.  How high and thick is enough.
I myself had one of these walls. It's not a pleasant thing to have and you don't realize it's even there.
I met a person not to long ago and in getting to know one another you naturally ask questions about the others past.  The questions he was asking was very straight forward and actually pushing on my wall. It was as if  my intire inner self was exposed for  the intire world to see.  I could not lie to every question nor did i want to give an answer.  There i was, trapped in my own wall.  I think a natural response would have been to come out fighting. Instead, I answered every question honestly.  With every question, more of my inner self was being exposed.  I wanted those questions. I found myself saying, "next question".  With every answer to each question, another brick fell off the wall.  It was truely amazing.  You would not believe the brightness of the sun when you are not surrounded by a wall. The lightness in your heart is unreal. You laugh again.  I help individuals everyday from all walks of life break down their walls, and did not realize my own. I did not analyze each and every brick as to the why's, how's, etc., I just let them fall and roll away. This gentleman does not know to what measure he has helped just by his curosity. I will be forever grateful to him.
If you have walls built around you, there is help . Don't live in the dark.
Live life to the fullest. Embrace it.