Ever thought of being an actor?
By santhosh kumar
Published on 03/4/2010
Boy! HE is doing this all alone.


Have you ever thought of being an actor? Given a chance, what will you choose? Hero or Villain? You would definitely want to be a hero. A Hero is a person who is quintessentially charming, benevolent, valiant and intelligent. These are the qualities that give him respect among the mass.

           Earlier I asked you if you have ever thought of being an actor. Now I tell that you are already an actor. Surprised?? But the fact is that you are an actor whose actions are continuously being monitored/shot by a GREAT DIRECTOR ever since you were born or even before your birth. HE is not only a DIRECTOR; HE does everything, action, script, dialogue et al. HE is the sole OWNER of the show. By now you might have guessed HIM. Yes, HE is none other than our GOD, ALMIGHTY. Boy! HE is doing this all alone.

           Now you look back at your actions. What was your role? Do you feel like a Hero?

Surprised? Doesn’t matter. There can always be a turnaround.

           So Heroes, you continue to be heroes .Villains, you try to be villain turned hero in your future role.